Selling Your House As Is In Los Angeles: Things You Need To Know

So you’ve decided to sell your home in Los Angeles. However, you’re worried about how it will fare against all the other properties in the market. Even though demand is high and supply is low, this doesn’t mean you’ll sell your property without a hitch. A seller’s market doesn’t guarantee you a sale.

You may also be worried about selling for less than what you’ll be spending on repairs and renovations trying to get your property to good condition. But what if I told you you didn’t have to do any of that? That you can simply list your house in Los Angeles in “as is” condition?

Simply sell your house for cash in Los Angeles! Still not convinced? To help you come up with a decision, here’s everything you need to know about selling your home in “as is” condition in Los Angeles, California.

Things You Need To Know When Selling Your Property As Is

  • You don’t need to make lavish renovations.
  • An inspection contingency protects your buyers against the repairs your home might need before purchase.
  • You need to disclose everything amiss on your property, otherwise you might be legally liable.
  • Only tackle high-priority repairs (involving structural integrity like the basement or wirings.)
  • The seller can walk away at any time as long as the deal hasn’t been closed.
  • Include “as-is” in your listing so the buyer is aware that the property is being sold in “as is” condition.
  • You have more selling options than just the MLS.
  • There are several cash home buyers in Los Angeles who are willing to buy your home in “as is” condition without a single penny spent on your end.

What To Disclose When Selling Your House In “As Is” Condition

Selling as is isn’t a loophole to avoid telling buyers your roof is leaking or the home needs all new plumbing. Most states have mandatory disclosures, and failing to disclose information is a big risk.

When a purchase contract is accepted by both seller and buyer, the seller turns over a disclosure report indicating what faults exist in the property as of a specific date. In California, the buyer has three days to either accept what the report has disclosed or cancel his contract.

Examples of facts about a home that must be disclosed are problems with the foundation, issues with the structure of the home, major plumbing problems, the presence of mold, and other environmental threats present in or around the home.

Choose To Sell To A Cash Home Buyer

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of inspecting your home, of getting into purchase contracts with inspection contingencies, or dealing with buyers who might back out of the deal any minute, then you can always choose to sell your home directly to a cash home buyer instead.

If you’ve made up your mind and are thinking, someone needs to “buy my house in Los Angeles fast,” look no further! We are professional home buyers here at Inhouse Offer and we’d like to buy your home in “as is” condition, no repairs or renovations needed!

If you’re happy with the offer, you can skip the home staging, showings, and the bulk of that inspection haggling. This can be an especially ideal route if your home has significant issues that will impede the lender and bank’s ability to provide your buyers with a loan.

Sell Your Home Today!

Selling to a cash buyer or investor is another way to skip the renovations, and even bypass the listing process itself. With Inhouse Offer, we’ll buy your house directly, in cash.

Here at Inhouse Offer, we buy houses regardless of the condition. You don’t have to shell out money to cover renovations and repairs as we buy your home as is. When you choose us as your home buyer, you can expect us to provide you with the best cash offer for your home and ensure a quick, painless close. At Inhouse Offer we buy houses on your terms.

You can either take a step forward into your new life by accepting our fair cash offer, or take your chances with the long arduous process of traditional home selling. To find out more about our quick selling process in Los Angeles, CA, give us a call today at: (951) 824-6730.

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