6 Reasons Property Fire Damage Could Change Your Life in California

Losing your home to a fire is incredibly stressful, and unfortunately, many California residents have experienced this tragedy. Home fire damage is a particular concern for Californians due to wildfires that ravage the terrain. Incidences such as the Dixie and Caldor fires are horrifying examples of the damage that fire can do to a home. Here are a few other ways property fire damage could change your life in California.

Loss of Valuables

Perhaps the most obvious consequence of California fire damage is the loss of your valuables. Many Californians invest in fireproof safes for their most important documents. However, it is impossible to save all of your treasured photos or important knickknacks throughout your home. In the case of a wildfire, you may find yourself fleeing without the chance to save much.

Potential Health Impacts

If you happen to be home when the fire strikes, there is clearly a huge risk to your health and safety. Even if you’re not around, there could be potential impacts to your health when you re-enter the home, provided it is still livable. Airborne soot may still remain in the home and can cause respiratory issues including asthma and bronchitis.

Dangerous Structural Damage

Though many California homes burned completely in recent wildfires, there may be some cases where a home is still standing. The chances of structural damage are high, which can pose a huge risk to you and your family. Bringing in an expert to assess the structural damage of your home can be both nerve-wracking and expensive.

Expensive Restorations

If your home can be salvaged, there are still likely to be many repairs to come. Whether you need to fully gut one room of your house, replace your roof, or deal with structural damage, these restorations often don’t come cheap. Additionally, there is an added worry of deciding where to stay while your home is repaired.

Possible Rise in Cost of Insurance Coverage

Wildfires caused in California have led many homeowners to ensure that their insurance policies cover fire damage. These valuable policies can help to reduce the financial burden of a house fire. Unfortunately, though, a fire may have an impact on your insurance premium. Recent research has found that, after a fire, home insurance rates can increase as much as 30% in California. (Of course, if you have no insurance, the cost of repairs is even more astronomical.)

Emotional Impact on the Household

Last but certainly not least is the emotional impact of a fire. All of the previous ways that property fire damage could change your life in California can contribute to emotional distress. You’ll likely be thinking about the status of your house, hiring experts to come in, finding a new place to live, and more. There is no doubt that fire is a stressful circumstance, and your entire family is likely to feel the impact.

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