How to Sell a House with a Death in the Family

Are you asking yourself How to Sell a House with a Death in the Family? There are many factors to take care of after someone dies. When a relative passes away, it’s an emotional time for all their loved ones. It can also be a stressful situation. Perhaps the most stressful thing to deal with is selling their home. If you’re wondering how to market a house with a death in the family, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few essential tips when selling a house after a death.

Keep Up with the Bills

Their bills don’t automatically stop after a loved one has passed away; their bills don’t automatically stop. There will still be some fees to be paid, including electricity and water. Be sure to keep up with these bills as you’re preparing to sell. Defaulting these expenses can make the situation even more complicated. Just make sure that the bills are paid by the executor of the estate and not out of a personal account.

Collect Any Relevant Documents

When selling a house after a death, there are lots of documents involved. Especially if the death was unexpected, you might have to search for some pieces. There’s a fair chance that they won’t all be together. Still, it’s important to find any and all documents concerning the home. Some documents you might need can include insurance policies, documents surrounding bank accounts, and others. You’ll also need to look for the will, if applicable. The deceased may have outlined their wishes for their home. After you’ve found all the documents you need, don’t just throw away everything else. It’s best to shred all other documents in order to avoid potential identity theft.

Go Through the Deceased’s Belongings

Of course, before you can sell the home, you’ll need to clear it out. This step involves sorting through all of your loved one’s things. Again, having access to the will is very important in this step. The deceased may have instructions for which relative should receive which items. Often, the majority of items in the home are not accounted for in a will. Sort through the items to see what needs to be discarded, donated, or sold. In many cases, an estate sale is the best way to get rid of many belongings.

Get Ready to Sell

Get ready to sell! After all the belongings are taken care of, it’s time to sell the home itself. Selling a house after death is quite similar to any other home sale. However, it can often be a long process. It can be tough to find a buyer if the home is old, outdated, or in need of repairs. You likely want to get the home sold as quickly as possible. In this case, consider working with a cash home buyer like InHouse Offer.

InHouse Offer is a cash home buyer in Ohio that can help you sell quickly. We can complete the process and give you cash in just a couple of weeks. We buy houses in Ohio, so if you’re wondering how to sell a house with a death in the family, contact us today!

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