Dealing With Expensive Home Repairs Here’s What You Can Do To Your LA Home

Home repairs in Los Angeles can be tricky to navigate, especially when the bills start piling up for people looking to sell their home in LA. If you take one look at your property and definitely see some room for improvement in the repair department, not to worry! There are lots of ways to speed up repairs for your home and still make sure it’s presentable enough for future buyers.

Here are some ways you can sell your house even with repairs on the way in Los Angeles.

Choose Attractive Paint Jobs

A new paint job can make even the oldest, shabbiest house look a little bit brand new! You can try something as simple as making sure the interiors are painted with high quality white paint. Accents like doors or shelves can be painted in brighter colors like aqua or peach.

Make Sure The Plumbing Is Fixed

New home owners of pre-loved homes tend to usually complain about leaks, especially in the bathroom. Older houses may also contain polybutylene or lead, which are considered hazardous materials. Don’t make the simple mistake of leaving your plumbing unattended.

Get Rid Of Mold

Mold is one of the most noticeable problems that are obvious to most clients, and they won’t need to get a home inspector to tell them to move on to the next house if they spot this! Have your own inspector meticulously go through every nook and cranny of your property to make sure that it’s mold-free, and stays that way!

Sell To A Professional Homebuyer

Repairs are usually made for regular clients, but homebuyers are special cases in the sense that most, if not all of them, buy homes from sellers without having to check for repairs. You can get a fair cash offer in 72 hours or less when you try approaching Inhouse Offer. Every in house offer we go through is on a buy as-is condition with zero commission fees. Try contacting us if you need a fast offer on your property today.

Link Up With A Real Estate Agent

Most customers who are interested in pre-loved homes are home flippers or investors. These buyers love making a profit on pre-loved homes, so don’t be surprised if you find some who come knocking on your door.

Now why would you need a real estate agent, you ask? These people are trained to help you cost out the price of your home properly. It’s normal for flippers or investors to ask for low prices so they can make a profit, but you still want to give them the appropriate price for your property.

You Can Include Renovation Loans In Your Listing

Some buyers are more than happy to take on a loan for renovating the property they plan to move in, since they probably already took out a loan so they could afford your listing price. Make sure that you work closely with both your buyer and real estate agent to ensure that your buyer’s credit is substantial enough to afford the renovation loan. Check the buyer’s credit score so they won’t run into problems affording the loan later on.

Work With A Good Landscaper

The interiors of a home are important, but it’s also crucial to remember that the entire yard and surrounding landscape of the home you’re selling will also be inspected by your future buyer. The ROI on selling your home can increase by as much as 150% if you put a great deal of effort into making sure that your property is landscaped to look spic and span! This is also good motivation for selling your home quickly, since landscaping usually needs to be done weekly. The sooner you can do it, the better.

In Conclusion: Your Pre-Loved Home Can Still Be Sold

Contrary to popular belief, a pre-loved home that needs a lot of repairs can actually be put on the market sooner rather than later. As a property seller, it’s your responsibility to also put yourself in the eyes of the buyer and ask relevant questions before selling your property. It helps to try this perspective out to find out what else can be done to make your property presentable.

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