4 Ways to Remove Toxic Waste Before I Sell My House in California

If you’re reading this article, you’re presumably thinking, “It’s time to sell my house in California.” There are many things to consider about while you’re getting ready to sell. When you’re decluttering, you might have some waste to deal with. You can’t just throw it all in the trash, though. Hazardous waste items like batteries, paint, electronics, and gasoline typically have to be disposed of in their own ways. Here are 4 ways to remove toxic waste safely before you sell your house!

Throw It Away in Your Normal Garbage

There are a few items of hazardous waste that you might be able to simply throw away. For instance, an empty can of hairspray cause a problem. It’s important to check your local regulations, though. Different regions may have different regulations about what they will and will not accept. You may also have to ask about the amount. If you have multiple smoke detectors to get rid of, for instance, you might not be able to throw them away normally.

Bring in an Expert to Remove Toxic Waste

You might have another question. “What happens if I need to remove toxic waste that’s more serious, such as asbestos? How can I get rid of it and sell my house fast in California?” In cases of especially hazardous waste, it’s critical to bring in a professional. These experts know just how to get rid of hazardous waste and keep you safe in the process. Research local contractors and ask what they can and cannot help with. It may be an extra expense, but it’s more than worth it to ensure your safety.

Recycle if Possible

In some circumstances, you may be able to recycle your waste. For example, many electronics companies will let you recycle your old computers, tablets, or smartphones. Often, these items will get refurbished and resold later on. For other recyclable items, resources such as Earth 911 and Green Citizen can help you find your local recycling center.

Check-In with Your Local Landfill

While a landfill may not be your first choice to remove toxic waste, it may be the only option in some cases. Contact your town or city officials to find your nearest landfill and see what waste you can take there. There may even be a recycling center at your landfill. Again, it’s preferable to try recycling or to reuse when you can. You can reduce your carbon print and avert more trash from collecting that method.

Sell Your House in California

Once you’ve been able to remove toxic waste, it’s time to get a fair offer for your house! You might be uneasy about locating the right buyer, or you might not want to wait a long time like the traditional market usually requires. In those cases, consider a cash buyer like InHouse Offer. We buy houses in California, no matter how good or bad the condition. If you’re looking to get direct cash for your house, we can help! We buy houses near CA and will give you a guaranteed offer for your house. When you’re thinking, “I need to get an offer on my house,” InHouse Offer is here!

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